I have a customer that paid with a check she has decided not to move forward with the work and we already deposited the check we did zelle her back how do I refund it thru Service titan it does not give me the options on paying cash or sending thru z...

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Payment Terms

Hello All,I have searched the current community boards and have not been able to locate assistance in this specific topic and maybe I'm missing a setting in Titan. I wanted to check with the community.In the initial Customer set-up, the ST system all...

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Remove signature lines from paid invoices

Remove signature lines from paid invoices. At this time it does not appear to be optional to remove this feature. If a customer wants a receipt and I enter the payment and print the invoice to show the payment has been applied and a $0 balance, it as...

Monthly Commission

Is there an option to pay the techs a monthly commission on a monthly membership they sold? If not an option how do others do this and/or keep track of monthly memberships that are sold to pay techs their commission?

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Resolved! Customer Payments

We've had a couple situations where we had a customer send in a singular check meant for two accounts, is there a way to apply that to the two separate accounts, or is that not doable?

Resolved! PAYMENTS

Good morningWhen our technicians are applying payments on job as they finish it is not allowing us to batch after they enter it, I still need them to enter daily as usual. Is there a setting we are missing? Here is an example,. If customer pays the t...

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Late Fees

we've been with ST for almost one year and we'd like to start charging late fees on our customers that have not been paying on time. We have the Payment Terms turned on, and would like to charge each customer that is outstanding for 30days a $3 charg...

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Automatic Payment Plan

Is there a way to set up a plan for a customer to pay monthly on an invoice? Non Membership.

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Resolved! Report by terms

Is there report to show payment terms for customers. Is this possible? I've looked through reports and don't find "terms" as an option. This would be a great report!

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