Non-Taxable Customers

I am noticing that recently many customers are being marked non-taxable on our end. I have not found a pattern to this. Any ideas?

kwilson00152 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Quickbooks Online - ST invioce export - Sales Tax issue

ST CANNOT export invoices correctly to Quickbooks online. The sales tax shows as a line item instead as the tax rate nor does it show the correct tax rate on the invoice in QBO. Does anyone have a fix for this? ST says they cannot export properly bec...

Resolved! Best Report for Texas Sales Tax

In Texas, we pay sales tax on a cash basis - meaning we only pay sales tax when it is collected, not when it is billed.We usually use Quickbooks for all our sales tax reporting, but have been having terrible issues with our file. In the interim, we a...

NY Capital Improvement Process in ST - Advice

We operate solely in NYS, and to comply with NYS capital improvement laws, when a job meets the CI criteria, rather than collecting tax from the customer like on our regular service/maintenance jobs, it is our responsibility to sum the total of parts...

dollface by New Contributor III
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Tax Setup for Flat Rate Residential Service Work in CT

I'm wondering how other flat-rate HVAC / Plumbing companies in Connecticut set up their taxes in ServiceTitan. Should a flat rate service company setup a tax zone with a material tax rate or service tax rate of 6.35%? The problem is, with enhanced sa...

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ST and Quickbooks Online setup for Georgia Sales Tax

We have been on ST for 3 months now and have yet to get our Sales Tax configured correctly. In Georgia we only charge tax on Materials and Equipment. There is no labor tax. For some reason ST will not calculate our taxes correctly. We have all of our...