Customer Statements by Project

We have customers that have several different projects going at once.We often need to send them a statement for open invoices just on a certain project.It would be really beneficial to have an option within each project to send/print the customera st...

Piccinini by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Payment link missing on statement email

The payment link has stopped showing up on statements for imported customers. It's just a blank spot in the email. Since we are still in our first year with ST, 95% of the customers are imported so the statement functionality is broken for us. This h...

ErikaF by New Contributor II
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AR Management Sort By "Last Emailed"**Need Votes**

Please click the link to vote! COMMUNITY-I-2145 When I'm sending monthly statements, I email all that have an email address. After that process the only other option is to filter by "not sent" BUT if the customer got a statement last month (print and...

RandiThompson by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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How to edit "Remit To" on statement

We recently noticed that when sending statements to customers either by email or printing, the "Please remit to:" at the top right is blank underneath. Where can we add this information? I have looked under email settings, business units but haven't ...

dyan_the by New Contributor II
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Statement now jumbling up invoice numbers and prices

I just went to process monthly statements today and noticed a column has been added for "Project Invoice #," which has in turn caused invoice numbers and prices to become jumbled up on multiple lines. For example, a $1,658.95 invoice total now reads ...

cecilshv by New Contributor II
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