Memberships Charging to old inactive cards

Since the last update we are having an issue with our memberships charging to old cards on the customer account. These are all memberships that do not have a preferred payment selected. For many months it has been charging the good/valid card, but al...

LindseyE by New Contributor II
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Editing Credit Card payments on Invoices

WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY!!!???Why did they have to change Credit Card payments on the Invoice? Now you can't edit the card payment from the invoice. Or delete a $0 failed payment. NOW after the last update; you have to go to the Customer Profile page, then...

LA_Barker by New Contributor III
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Split payments on multiple business units

We noticed that when you receive a payment on one business unit, it cannot be split with an invoice on a different business unit. There are commercial properties and even some residential that will pay multiple invoices with a single check. Without e...

amy_whit by New Contributor II
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This is confusing and cumbersome and has increased our workflow times 4. Even the webinar is hard to follow. Why are we fixing things that aren't broken? I used to could add a refund without an adjustment invoice and could see that refund on that inv...

bwaugh by New Contributor
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Save and Add to Batch Feature - Editing a Payment

I noticed the "Save and add to batch" option when editing a payment was removed during the latest update. I chatted with ST support about it, and they confirmed that is correct. I was informed to bring my suggestion to bring back the feature to this ...

KWoods by New Contributor
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