New Payment Module- Need to Revamp

The new payment module - the way it is constructed has added extra steps to my work flowin the past - a credit could be issued on an invoice and then a negative payment to offset the credit ( all done prior to exporting)NOW - I issue the credit - hav...

nw_basne by New Contributor
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Resolved! PO workflow

I am confused about the Bill that are created with PO. After I create a P.O. I receive it, I then create a receipt , then finally a bill. Then this is where I get stuck. What do I do with the bills, I have over 800 and I can’t do anything with them,

kaltec by New Contributor
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Invoice Template

Hi, is there any way to add a line or change the invoice template? I need to add a line to the "bill to" section.

verostep1 by New Contributor
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Texas Sales Tax - Best Practices in Service Titan

Here is our dilemma. In Texas, we are required to charge sales tax on materials in Service Titan for Residential customers and sales tax on total ticket for Commercial customers. We have a resale certificate with our suppliers.What is the best way to...

kswaba1 by New Contributor
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How is everybody accounting for labor in quickbooks?

Labor is a large KPI for me and keeping labor percentages at known and accepted values by department, class or business unit (pick your favorite name). Service Titan exports labor as one lump sum - not by BU (business unit). How are you accounting fo...

tigerac1 by New Contributor II
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Emailing an Estimate

Has anyone come across a way to change the email address that sends the estimates to the customer? Ours keeps generating a no reply email address and several are getting rejected by customers. Any suggestions as to how we can make that look a little ...

lschwartz by New Contributor
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Signatures from estimate to invoice

Is there a way for signatures from an estimate can transfer to an invoice once the estimate is converted? We are having our customers sign estimates and then sending them the invoice to sign again. I feel we're asking for too many signatures and hone...

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Invoice font size

Does anyone know of a html code that can be used with invoices to enable using a smaller font for the authorization and acknowledgement paragraphs?

DebMar by New Contributor
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