Abandoned Calls

When on the Dashboard, do you go to Call Metrics or CSR Metrics to find the Abandoned Calls that need to be reclassified? There seems to be some confusion in our office, and I would like to get confirmation. I have been going to CSR Metrics, then Aba...

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Resolved! Reclassifying Calls

When reclassifying calls, we have noticed that some of our classified calls are listed in the Review tab on our dashboard scorecards. Has anybody else noticed this? What is causing this to happen? If we have already classified the call, why does ST d...

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Selective Call Classification

Being our techs can only listen to the phone call that is classified as the call that booked the job, the office needs to be able to select which call that is. For instance, a call is missed, CSR calls the client back and books a new job. Sometimes p...

Resolved! How are you scheduling calls?

We are currently using the arrival window booking system, (IE- "We have you all set up in our system with an arrival time of 9am-11am.") We want to move away from providing a time we will be heading out to the property. Does everyone on here provide ...

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