Purchase Orders

Due to the changes on the recent update, we can no longer edit a purchase order if the job has been exported. How do we make changes now?? I need to be able to edit a purchase order, and export it to quickbooks. Our jobs sometimes close before we rec...

Karen_Wil by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Inventory tracked or serially controlled items on a job PO

A point was made below by @JerryCobb relating to a problem he is having with duplicated costs on job purchase orders. I think that this is an even bigger problem, and that the way Titan handles inventory tracked or serially controlled items on a job ...

michael21 by Contributor III
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Duplicating materials and equipment when creating a PO

I tried looking through the 925 or so discussions on PO's for a solution with no luck.For many of our services we have material connections which automatically adds the materials used to the invoice for job costing.We sell equipment which then also a...

JerryCobb by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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so with the last update it looks like something is wrong, when we click inventory and location nothing is there like inventory is not being added but i know it is , im not sure what happened or what to do, ive emailed my sm and waiting on a reply

aaron_ge by New Contributor
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Consignment Inventory

We are starting to setup consignment inventory for a new material that we are bringing into inventory. We are only using consignment for these new items and not with our existing inventory items. I’m interested in seeing how other companies handled t...

t_bell_b by New Contributor
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Associating Multiple Jobs with a Single PO

I was wondering if anyone knew whether it was possible to associate multiple jobs with a single PO?Before ServiceTitan we would keep an open PO going for special order products that we didn't finalize/order until it reached a threshold. We would asso...

Adam_HSSOE by New Contributor III
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Purchase Order Consolidation

Just curious if there is any way to consolidate items on a purchase order from an estimate?For Example, we use Services with multiple materials associated with them a lot on our estimates to make things quick and easy on that end.Service A may consis...

jsoch by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Order Confirmations

We would like to be able to attach a supplier's order confirmation number to a sent purchase order. We have come across that sometimes the orders get emailed to the supplier and it says sent, but our supplier doesn't actually receive the order. This ...

hope_buc by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Consignment inventory

We have a significant amount of the inventory, some materials but mostly equipment, that vendors consign to us. We keep it in our warehouse until we use it and then report its use to the vendor who bills us for it. We want to track inventory for this...

michael21 by Contributor III
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