Signature Capture through Follow-Up

Is there anyway anyone knows how to capture a signature for a ISR or follow-up call through Follow-Up tab?I know we can Sold/Convert but there is no signatures with terms and conditions where they agree to work, any ideas or know of anything?

AtlasHS by New Contributor
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Office and Field Contact Separation

We need to introduce a system that allows us to distinguish between "OFFICE" and "FIELD" email and phone contacts within the commercial and industrial sectors.In these sectors, certain contacts, such as the Accounting Department or the Purchasing Dep...

asvchesa by New Contributor III
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Modifying a "Sent" Invoice

It would be nice to have a "failsafe" warning when attempting to modify an invoice that has been sent. (emailed or printed and marked as sent). Something like...Warning you are attempting to modify a sent invoice. Are you sure you want to continue? Y...

mschulte by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Default Landing Page Work Around

If you have an employee that is looking to have a different landing page when they log into ServiceTitan, that is not the normal landing page that come with their assigned role. Rather then making the a custom role and redoing the permissions. Just h...

Zachkays by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Missing Business units

We have multiple business units within our company. Half of them have disappeared but are all active. Anyone else have this issue prior?

contacts in alphabetical order

Good afternoon, I would like to put in a suggestion for alphabetizing the contact names on customer profiles. We have created a profile that we use as a rolodex that we use very often and each time that we use it we are searching through the phone nu...

cwidener by New Contributor
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Resolved! Report Audit

I was wondering if there is a way to see who accesses what reports? They have an audit trail for almost everything else except who is running what reports and non-job events that I can find.

AlanaOHA by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Tags on leads

Hi all-I am seeing the Tags heading on a lead accessed from 'leads' in the follow up module. Additionally, seeing the "tags" column in the working screen from 'leads' in the follow up module. BUT where in the process are we able to add the tag?

charringtonPSB by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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PDF attachment to send through ST

We would like to be able to send a PDF to a customer through ST to track they received the email and opened it. Sending through email works, but we would like for everyone to have access to see the tracking of it sent and opened, is this possible or ...

HOLLY2021 by New Contributor
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