Techs access to turn off job notifications

Often the techs will reach out to us in the office while they are in the field and ask us to turn off job notifications for specific jobs they are working on. It would be ideal if they could have access/permission to do this themselves from the field...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Ability to zoom in on pictures in desktop and mobile

Really hope this get's modified so we can zoom in on pictures that our techs take. It is very common to have to zoom in to see certain items, or details, and currently it can't be done without first downloading the image to the computer.My previous s...

MikeHVAC by New Contributor II
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Technicians On Next

I think it is dumb that if I set up a technician as a managed tech on Monday, Next does not recognize them until the following Monday after it resets. I'm paying to train a tech on Next but can't train them for entire week. This makes no sense. Is th...

Resolved! Billable hours

It would be helpful if the billable hours tab would calculate the cost for you and apply it to the invoice automatically. Leaving it up to the technician may not always be accurate. It would also eliminate 2 steps.


Is there a way to look up a custom or job number that is not already scheduled on the ST App as a technician

Resolved! Technician Profile Business Units

We are in the implementation stage of ServiceTitan trying to determine the level of detail we can have in our Business Units. We use Quickbooks as our accounting software and have the business units mapped to QBs class. Currently we have 3 office loc...

Pre-Set Field Remarks for Technicians

Does ST have a way of adding pre-set comments for the techs to choose from? Our previous software would allow the technician to choose form pre-sets we set up in the office.This way they are not typing the same response at every job they go to; they ...

Cellular data?

New to ServiceTitan and setting up iPads for 18 techs. Our unlimited cell service plan is visibly slower than our shared data plans, but obviously both work (cell company says they should be the same). Anyone have any real-world data from how much da...

tayl428 by New Contributor
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Fraud alerts

Does anyone know of a way to check for technicians doing side jobs on ST? Other then the minimum dollar threshold alert, is there another way to figure out if a technician is stealing business?

alexruzicka by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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