Happy Halloween!! How are you celebrating today?

We hope you're having lots of spooky fun in your Call Centers today! Please share photos of your: Team costumes Cubicle or desk decorations Frightful food Trick or treaters! Also - did anyone change their technician profile pics today? Might make for...

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Accepting and Reviewing Escalations with Schedule Engine

Hi there! Earlier this week I had searched all over the community and posted asking in Masterminds, to see if anyone had the escalation process for Schedule Engine's on call service. I needed something I could use to train dispatch and technicians. N...

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Motivational Monday! What advice do you have for new CSRs?

Welcome to DAY 1 of National Customer Service Week! Each day we will have a discussion starter that you can comment on, and win a prize! We will be doing a daily raffle, and counting Kudos to award our winners! Today's opportunity: What advice do you...

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Dispatch Notifications - Scripts

One of my favorite features in ServiceTitan is dispatch notifications! Having the ability to automatically send a dispatch notification to a customer, with an attached bio, expectations, and other important information can really elevate the customer...

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