New Release - Adding attachments from the call booking screen

So today I found out that we are no longer able to add attachments directly from the call booking screen? Is that correct? I had to go in and open the client's name in a new window before I was able to see the "add attachment" button. Was this like t...

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If you are having a hard time with Service Titan, I would highly recommend joining the EmberSession. We meet via zoom once a week for an hour. I'm on week 3 and my titan advisor score is increasing and I'm learning so much!Check it out if you haven't...

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Pinned Notes applying to all new locations.

Is there a way to get pinned notes on a customer to apply to all new locations? You can currently apply to all exisitng locations, but to get them to show up on any new locations you have to delete the original note off all exisitng locations and the...

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ST-65 Feature Release webinar

Learn more about the Spring 2023 Release, ST-65, and watch the Feature Release webinar on-demand. It’s divided up by chapters so that you can skip or pause. You can control the playback speed and even change the size of the video to fit your screen. ...

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Resolved! BBPOS Chip reader in ST Office

We are new to ST. We have our techs setup on the BBPOS with IPADS. Here in the office, we have a lot of walk ins and were planning on using the POS in office to sell our products to customers. However, we are not able to get the BBPOS to link up with...

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Chimney Chat LIVE today!

CHIMNEY CHAT IS GOING LIVE TODAY!! @brandiCVCSucces and I are so excited to be starting this Chimney Chat group. It goes live today 4.14.23 (after much anticipation). We will be sharing alternative workflows, chimney news, as well as featuring other ...

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