Analytics Suggestion for Marketing Email Campaigns

So this suggestion is based on having more in-depth data on email open/click performance in a 24-hour chart. After working with Maria in Support to help me look for the data I was wanting, we came to the conclusion that it wasn't available on ST, and...

24 hr performance report.png
LizSterley by New Contributor II
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Marketing Integrations and Job Mapping

It would be really nice if Service Titan could update the job mapping as there isn't much for a pool company. Everything is geared towards HVAC and Plumbing so it is hard to use the integrations correctly.

Campaign Tracking

Hey All! Would love to hear how your company tracks your ROI for each campaign. I am trying to make it as easy as possible, but I feel like I am going a lot of manual work to get our ROI. What type of automation.reports.excel sheets do you use to mak...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Campaign sticking to customer

Hi team,Is there a way for a marketing campaign to "stick" to a customer record by default but can be manually changed? We currently use both "Marketing Campaign" as well as "Lead Source" and "Lead Source Employee." We would like to be able to determ...

mauman_r by New Contributor
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MarketingPro: Allocating Campaign Costs

Hi there, I'm new to MarketingPro and trying to get my marketing summary to be an accurate reflection of our spend & ROI. I'm curious to hear how other people attribute a costs to email campaigns. Do you do a weighted method (one-time vs recurring) o...

JCP650 by New Contributor
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Manual Review Survey

We are using and automatic sms survey in reputation management to send to customers requesting a review once the job is completed. I happy call customers a week after the job is completed and I want to use the Manual Review SMS Survey that I have set...

chelsi_c by New Contributor II
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