Hey Everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone was having any issues with Reporting? Reporting in ServiceTitan is very powerful - but if using the wrong filters / report can give you skewed data. Is anyone looking to build custom reports and not really s...

Jeremy_Wick by ServiceTitan Certified Provider
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What challenges do you face?

What challenges are you facing as a ST user or as a company in the trades? Do you have any questions or scenarios that you are looking for expert advice in? ‍ Please take a second to drop your question or concern below in the comments. Additionally,...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Best Practice / Coaching Groups

Hello all, We are looking to join a new business coaching + best practice groups. A few that seem popular are BDR and Blue Collar Network, but I am curious if fellow Canadian users have any recommendations? Looking forward to the discussion! Thanks, ...

Help us block/prevent spam calls πŸ™

I'm looking for advice/tips/help please! I have been receiving an absurdly high amount of spam calls the past few weeks - more than ever. The catch is: 1) they call from all different numbers (so I cannot simply just block one number or two and be do...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Tell us about where you're from! 🏑

We have group members from across the country here, which is very exciting! ️ Let's take a moment to learn about where each other is from. Please share below one fun fact about your province or territory and one fun fact about the town/city you live ...

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Property Data 🏠

In the US, there is a feature called Property Data. (To learn more about it you can go to the little question mark help centre on your dashboard and type in β€œproperty data”). Check this out: We recommend the following best practices when using the Pr...

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New Monday. New Goals. πŸ’ͺ

New Monday. New Week.New Goals. Happy Monday! I hope each of you had a fabulous, well-rested weekend. Today is the start of a new week. What are your goals for this week? Let's keep each other motivated to reach our goals this week!

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What is your personal win?

The week is ending! Let's leave work behind for a moment. What is your personal win of the week? Did you crush a goal? Did you find a good deal? Did you learn a new skill? Let’s hear your positive win! ο₯‡ This week my personal win is: I have been feel...

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