AR Alerts

Is there a way to set an alert or anything that we could get when and account is coming up on it's due date? We have commercial and residential customers and have their terms set up in for each one but it would be nice if we had a way to look at invo...

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Paid Status is wrong

Does anyone else have the issue on the new invoice table from the customer page and now the transaction hub where the invoice was reduced with an adjustment invoice but it is still showing as overdue?This is also making the invoice show up in the new...

Screenshot 2023-02-02 090903.png
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Customer balances in ST should only reflect invoices that have been audited, posted, and exported- not a running total of all jobs in progress... please upvote my idea !! 1-2751

Searching invoice amounts.

Before this recent update, if I did not know a customer or invoice number, but received a payment, I could search for that under "Invoice" and put that in the "Balance" or "Total" for the amount received and could 99% of the time, find out who it sho...

dwhite45 by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! Is there a way to delete multiple Purchase Orders at once?

My manager and I have to do some cleanup. We have over 3,000 purchase orders to delete, and cannot find any way to do so except for going through and deleting each one individually.Is anyone aware of a process that could group all POs within a specif...

larryf by New Contributor II
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Bulk printing past due invoices

It would be helpful if there was a way to bulk print all unpaid invoices to be mailed to the customer.I know how to do it at the time I'm creating the invoices and I know how to print statements for the customers, but it would be helpful to be able t...

seemore by New Contributor II
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Zero Out Refund Invoice

Since ST has been updated with the payments module, it does not allow you to add a negative payment. I am looking to find out the easiest way to zero out a credit balance invoice. In the past I would create the credit invoice in ST, export to QB, iss...

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