Displayed User Name

Is there a way to, on the location record screen, where it lists "Calls" the calls could be assigned to the agent's actual name instead of their user name? When agents use the ServiceTitan generated username, it is not specific at all to who the agen...

mauman_r by New Contributor
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Field employees texting customers

I'm going to preface this with "I know it's possible." There are serious limitations. That said, here's my conundrum. We have Phones Pro. We want to stop issuing company cell phones to techs & sales people because they can have Phones Pro numbers and...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Statements not Correct

As I am doing my monthly statements, I am noticing some errors. 1, the payments made are not in order as received and that is going to have some customers asking questions. And so far, 2, the BIG ONE, it is showing invoices on the statement that have...

Screenshot 2023-10-27 091549.jpg Screenshot 2023-10-27 110625.jpg
dwhite45 by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! Contact Method Required

I personally do not like having to have a contact method required. On our locations, sometimes we do not have a contact method. On rental properties, we do not like to put the owner's number on the location and we do not always have the tenant's numb...

dwhite45 by Valued Contributor
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First cold snap of the year

We knew it would happen eventually! The first cold snap is coming to our area on Monday (of course a Monday!!). What are some of your best tips/tricks to manage the influx of calls coming in? And how do you best support your CSR's when it gets so bus...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Toolbox Live: Call Center Edition - Registration Now Open!

Attention: Call Centers! You've been asking for more in-depth training, networking, and best practices... and now we have event just for you!Join us in Chicago on November 15th and 16th to connect with some of the most successful call centers, coache...

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Vote for this! :)

Automated cancellations VOTE FOR THIS!! PLEASE! This is our busiest time of year and not having to send these out would be a gamechanger

MadisonChicken by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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High Abandon Rate - Unexplained in Service Titan

We are experiencing a high abandon rate in our Service Titan Dashboard.The problem is that we are not actually missing calls, the Green Bubble Populates and disappears a lot of the times instantaneously. Our team has an ASA of 8-10 Seconds, but it se...