Call Tracking Numbers Problem

For the 3rd day in a row our call tracking numbers are not being directed to the number specified. We get a variety of messages from the number is not in service to driecting to a different business entirely. Support has done route blocking to solve ...

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Campaign Tracking Numbers

Hey y'all, we are new to ST, and for a couple of weeks our tracking numbers associated with campaigns keep going away completely. I have added them back in there a time or two, but they disappear. These are tracking numbers we did not create in ST, s...

Chat/Text Messages Campaign Tracking

Is there a way to tell what phone number or campaign a lead texted in on? To say it a different way if someone texts the phone number assigned to Campaign 1 where can I see that?

cherie_m by Contributor III
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Marketing Integrations and Job Mapping

It would be really nice if Service Titan could update the job mapping as there isn't much for a pool company. Everything is geared towards HVAC and Plumbing so it is hard to use the integrations correctly.

Important Announcement - Tool Box Live Events

ServiceTitan is soo excited to bring to you TWO Toolbox Live Events where you can join industry experts, business owners, and operators to discuss and learn together:BudgetingFinancial planningMarketingRecruitingThe future of technology in the trades...

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Resolved! Campaign sticking to customer

Hi team,Is there a way for a marketing campaign to "stick" to a customer record by default but can be manually changed? We currently use both "Marketing Campaign" as well as "Lead Source" and "Lead Source Employee." We would like to be able to determ...

mauman_r by New Contributor
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MarketingPro: Allocating Campaign Costs

Hi there, I'm new to MarketingPro and trying to get my marketing summary to be an accurate reflection of our spend & ROI. I'm curious to hear how other people attribute a costs to email campaigns. Do you do a weighted method (one-time vs recurring) o...

JCP650 by New Contributor
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Direct Mail & Email Campaign Assist *

Reaching out to my fellow titans to see if anyone has worked with an outside vendor/3rd party business to help produce their Direct Mail / Email campaign results. From creating the designs, delivering the finished product, out bounding it as schedule...

jasonr by New Contributor II
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Lifetime Value of Customer... Help

I am wondering if anyone knows of an easy way to generate a report for lifetime value of customers for specific years.. I know it cost me about 300 to acquire a new customer and I know how to get my initial ROI calculations, but I want to know what t...