Inventory pricing

I'm uncertain how many other companies have this issue. We have 'four digit' pricing with our vendors. Instead of them charging $4.99 each item, we get charged $4.9862 each item. So 10 of one thing would be $49.86, not $49.99. This has proven to be c...

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Is there a "Sand Box" Configuration for this feature?

Is there a way to turn on this configuration And have the automatic messing go to a company Email and Phone for testing. This feature is complicated and It would be nice to have a way to test it without the fear of spamming our customers. It is too e...

blutz by Contributor III
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Invoices/Site History

Invoices/Site History We find it very tedious and cumbersome to have to click in to each invoice in order to view the work that was performed. We think it's unbelievable that the work performed for each site is not all located in one spot for ease of...

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I am getting different total revenue amounts with each repot run

I see that there are multiple reports which will provide me with the total revenue for a specified date range, as well as per tech. However, I seem to be getting a different total revenue with each report? I am looking into this further right now, bu...

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Did you decide on a Flat Rate Pricing Option?

I have been looking into a few NSPG, The New Flat Rate, & Profit Rhino. If you have any thoughts on all or any of the above, please let me know. We have been using ST for over a year now and find that we would like to option to have our tech's up sel...

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Time Sheet Accuracy for ADP Payroll

We use ADP for payroll. We try to calculate the hours that our technicians plug in and they seem to be right in most cases. But there is a hand full out of 24 technicians that just seem to be off. We want to know how does ST round the time generated ...

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Resolved! Non membership reports

How can pull a report for non membership customers? When marketing to your existing customer base you want to send different offers to non membership customers.

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