Email Not Saving on Mobile

Emails are not saving on the mobile end. Techs are doing what they've always done, and all of a sudden the emails are not saving to the customer profile. Has anyone else experienced this? Help please! Thanks.

vtadros9 by New Contributor II
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Mobile not syncing after data marge

We just went through a data merge and when it was done we lost mobile access. The techs in the field can't see anything on the app. The sync arrows have an exclamation point in the middle. We have un and re-installed the mobile app with no change. We...

chi2119 by New Contributor
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More than 5 paused appointment on the mobile app!!

I would like to see the max number of "Paused" appointments raised. Honestly I think ALL paused appointments should show up on the mobile app to help keep the techs up to date on what jobs they need to complete.

For projects, field technicians need to be able to see notes

Currently field technicians can see invoice summary notes from jobs that only involve one technician. Once the job turns into a project, the field techs are not able to see the project summary notes/description unless they are dispatched to that job,...

aequigua by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Content Portal Folders

This idea came up in my Spark Session today and we found it already exists- go vote for it! We want to be able to organize things in the Content Portal into foldersCOMMUNITY-I-302

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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make the dimensions field appear to technicians

when entering Equipment in the price book, it has a spot to enter the dimensions but the techs can not see the dimensions, so at the moment it is useless, please make this available for the techs to see!

alind by New Contributor II
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support issues

We're having issues with ST mobile. And I just had support tell me they would suggest using a high-speed internet connection for best results. Let me call Verizon and tell them to get on that now

photo link not working on my techs ipads

Hello!!We are having an issue with the photo link capture. Many of my techs prefer using the phone capture option on service titan to add photos to a job. I have three techs that were using this feature that are now telling me that they are no longer...

jweins1 by New Contributor
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Back Button

I have a technician that is requesting a back button so that they can use the mobile ap more efficiently. Thank you!

Ttags14 by New Contributor
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