Two way chat for technicians

Our technicians could really benefit from being able to text the customers even after they've arrived at the location. Due to the nature of our work, we complete many jobs when the homeowner is not there and texting is sometimes the only way they're ...

Emily by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Mobile App: Adding and Renaming Pictures

Multiple technicians have indicated that adding pictures is a huge pain. They've stated that they need to click on the Camera Icon to add a picture, and once it's added, they need to then go back into the camera icon to do it again. On larger project...

amy_whit by New Contributor II
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Purchase Order screen clearing out on mobile app

Has anyone else ran into this before? For a few of our technicians who are working on the mobile app have experienced that when filling out their purchase orders, it will randomly clear all entered text. Its not every purchase order, it happens rando...

AKUMP by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Phone calls to customers from the field

Please tell me there is a way for my techs to call customers back after an estimate has been sold and the job is completed. Many times they need to follow up and call a customer after the customer has approved an estimate. Support tells me only way t...

LL by New Contributor II
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Get in a tech's face about not arriving

Hey y'all! Go upvote this idea!! I went to post it and someone had beaten me to it. The idea is to change the color of a job on the MOBILE side when a tech dispatches to be very clear they are currently dispatched, and change it again to a different ...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Full Estimate History Access for Technicians on ServiceTitan Mobile

Our technicians work 24/7 365Our office team is only in office from 9a-7p m-f, and 8-4 over the weekendTechnicians cannot see office quotes that are NOT tied to a job, and are unable to sell, provide information or competitive pricing from what was p...

SarahSoto by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Emailing forms for non job events from the field

I am being told by Service Titan that this is not an option at this point. We have forms that we attach to non job events that our technicians fill out in the field, such as vehicle maintenance reports or safety training that is done virtually. It wo...

waynek by New Contributor
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Mobile - All Jobs

Not sure where I should post my idea to improve the mobile side of Service Titan. However, with companies that have a large volume of jobs open all at once for an extended period of time, the Techs. are having to scroll through the "All Jobs" tab unt...

christa_ by New Contributor II
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