Resolved! How do you guys notify your techs of a new Job?

Ive chatted with support on this a few times and have gotten nothing helpful back.I am looking to notify my techs when a job is assigned to them. I was hoping the app would just send them a notification like our previous software did, but this app do...

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Outbound Calling

Good morning everyone!I am looking for feedback on how early you start your outbound calling? I have a hard time thinking of myself as the customer, I would not like a call or a text at 8am in the morning. I think 9 is still a little too early. Your ...

Seeing the tags

Hi there, When booking a call we don't always see the tags next to the person's name or if there are more than one (like the one that is attached to this (there is a billable tag that you don't see on this screen). How do you get this so we can see t...

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Easily Searching Dismissed Leads NOT Attached to a Location

Hi, all! So we've been trying out using Leads to keep track of incoming calls instead of our previous solution, but now we're coming to issues when a Dismissed Lead calls back in, and we can not find the original Lead.If the Lead is left OPEN & is no...

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Flashing notes

Can we get it to where a note flashes or comes up when trying to book a call? That way the dispatcher that is booking a job sees the note that has been pinned or set to flashing.

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Call Issues within ST

Hello! We are having issues with the call feature in ST. We are unable to answer the call, it only really alerts us for a very short window, and then we are unable to call out from ST. Our main provider is Zoom VoIP. Is anyone else having these issue...

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Unassigned jobs

We have noticed that unassigned jobs do not always move forward each day. We do not check them daily and found some lost since they didn't move forward from January. Are there any settings we need to change?

Resolved! Recurring Service Events

Is there a way when you are in the chat section and booking a recurring service event for the job details to automatically be entered (pop up) instead of having to enter it all in? Hope that makes sense.