Expenses versus Payables

We have situations come up where a tech is out in the field and needs a part and the local hardware store is closest, he purchases the part with a company credit card and we will not get a bill from a vendor. Currently in ST my purchasing manager is ...

lasanford by New Contributor
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Service Titan Payments exported to QB Online

Has anyone experienced a payment made in service titan and it batch over to QB but then the bank from QB also adds the deposit, resulting in it looking like we have a refund due to the customer?

DanaDykes by New Contributor II
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Payment integrations

Hi all, we're currently starting our tenure with ST and are having issues integrating ST's payment processing systems with how we do business. Are there any other payment processors that reasonably integrate with ST? We would prefer not to give our c...

MattMSI by New Contributor
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Assign Invoice Notification Idea

Found this idea and figured I would promote it...just starting to dig into invoice assignment.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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bills exporting with class

I have quickbooks online, and the bills will export over but they don't export with a class, Why is this? I was told that it wouldn't have class, it needs to have a class

nashvill by New Contributor
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Service Titan Invoices

Is there a way to get notification of the invoices from Service Titan for the products we are using from Serice Titan?

cmccloug by New Contributor
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Exporting to QB after the Recent QB Update

Hello,Is anyone else having a problem with exports to QB after doing the recent QB update? QB shuts down on me every time I attempt to do an export. Curious to see if anyone else is facing the same problem.

Quickbooks Online Question

Recently we implemented Quickbooks Online. We've ran into quite a bit of issues with this. We are wondering if anyone else has experienced Business Units, from vendor invoices / Purchase Orders, not coming over into QB online?

vrandall by New Contributor II
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Payment Terms

Hello All,I have searched the current community boards and have not been able to locate assistance in this specific topic and maybe I'm missing a setting in Titan. I wanted to check with the community.In the initial Customer set-up, the ST system all...

josh_via by New Contributor III
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Credit on customer account

I have a customer who overpaid so I refunded the overpayment which showed up as a credit on their account.The amount has been refunded so why is the credit still on their account? Did I process it wrong? How can I remove it?

Angelle17 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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