Bulk create recurring services

We add recurring services to every customer is our company's practice. It is a pain to add each recurring service individually. I would love if we could bulk add recurring services. EX: add AC, furnace and HWT recurring service in one click instead o...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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No more Customer and Location

Merge these two. It makes it confusing, if you are on the location page the info may be different than the customer page because sometimes someone doesn't click to update it on both pages. I am sure there is a point to this, but I think its more of a...

calling customers

Please make it possible for technicians to call the customer whose jobs they are no longer on

hwoodard by New Contributor
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Active Call Bubble Notification

When you are connected to an active Call bubble and someone takes ownership of it, Service Titan feels the need to notify you on every tab you have open.

lilbrown by New Contributor
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Resolved! Searching by customer provided work order #

We have just joined the Service Titan Community two weeks ago. We do a large amount of work for commercial, property mgmt. and warranty companies that all send us a work order # that they generate to track each job. I know we can add a custom field t...

Pruitts by New Contributor
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Recurring Services Page

Would it be possible to have the type of home that it is for on the Recurring svc page? For example having a spot where it shows Residential/ manufactured/commercial?

DBush by New Contributor
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Is it possible to add photos to an estimate? Or can that only be done after the Estimate has been sold?Thank you