Smart Fills for PDF In Adobe

Why is it impossible to get a "how to" on PDF smart fills on Adobe Acrobat? I have used the smart fill codes provided in the help section on my form in Adobe and when its uploaded to the form section, and I open it in the job, its blank, not even fil...

Attachments missing from emails sent to customers

Anyone else having an issue with attachments (photos or PDF's) not being sent along with emailed invoices suddenly? We have prebuilt forms that are still being sent out, but when we attempt to also send along anything else that is an added attachment...

Reclassify Chats

Is there anyway to reclassify or attach a chat to a different job. When we get chats from customers it doesn't always attach to the related job.

Emailing job invoice, and estimates option (Office Side)

Has anyone else lost the option to email the job invoice and estimate together on the office side? I just noticed the option to include estimates as a PDF when you click the email button on the invoice page was gone. I just got with tech support but ...

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 3.49.00 PM.png Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 3.56.08 PM.png
hunterma by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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office to tech phone calls

Does anyone know if there is a better way for the office to be able to call a field technician through ST and have it recorded and accessible on the job they are working on?

jporter by New Contributor
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PDF attachment to send through ST

We would like to be able to send a PDF to a customer through ST to track they received the email and opened it. Sending through email works, but we would like for everyone to have access to see the tracking of it sent and opened, is this possible or ...

HOLLY2021 by New Contributor
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