Invoice Email Confirmation

We have an unacceptable amount of email invoice recipients which say they never received there emailed invoice.It would be very desirable we could log if they have opened the invoice and the date/time (similar to the estimate program). Better yet... ...

NY Capital Improvement Process in ST - Advice

We operate solely in NYS, and to comply with NYS capital improvement laws, when a job meets the CI criteria, rather than collecting tax from the customer like on our regular service/maintenance jobs, it is our responsibility to sum the total of parts...

dollface by New Contributor III
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Tax Setup for Flat Rate Residential Service Work in CT

I'm wondering how other flat-rate HVAC / Plumbing companies in Connecticut set up their taxes in ServiceTitan. Should a flat rate service company setup a tax zone with a material tax rate or service tax rate of 6.35%? The problem is, with enhanced sa...

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Resolved! Printing Invoices

This is kind of an out there question, but for those of us who keep a hard copy of all the invoices as a backup for our business records, is there a way to set it up so that a completed invoice will print automatically either after payment is receive...

WRS by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Mobile Check Capture

It would be so great to be able to use the mobile check capture feature from the office side for checks that get mailed from commercial customers. I would be happy to login to my office account on a mobile device to be able to capture the photos. Thi...

Refunding overpayments in new Payment Collection System

I’ve spent a lot of time working in a test environment with the new Payment Collections system. One pitfall I fell into is a killer, but thanks to @plewis from Service Titan, (a very smart person on this process), I found a way out. Specifically, on ...

michael21 by Contributor III
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Resolved! Invoice Details - Customer Provided P.O.

There are a some cases where our customers have to provide us with a P.O. for a commercial membership sale/renewal. The only place to add this P.O. is under the invoice summary or under the task description itself. I think it would be nice to have a ...

emilybur by New Contributor II
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ST and Quickbooks Online setup for Georgia Sales Tax

We have been on ST for 3 months now and have yet to get our Sales Tax configured correctly. In Georgia we only charge tax on Materials and Equipment. There is no labor tax. For some reason ST will not calculate our taxes correctly. We have all of our...

Refunded Customer

When we refund a customer, the invoice and the refund shows up on the AR report forever and ever. How can we remove it from there?

lizzy1 by New Contributor II
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