Resolved! Scheduling

It would be wonderful if Service Titan would create a way for people to block off certain technicians on certain days for things like vacation or Dr appts. and it prevent us from accidently scheduling that tech any way. I have created events from the...

KVM by New Contributor
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Good Better Best estimates from office

Is there a way to create a good better best estimate from the office without having to make three separate estimates. In the field I understand we can, but at this point the office is doing any estimating until the guys get more comfortable with ST. ...

Resolved! Multiple jobs on the same appointment?

Brand new, so I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere. We have several instances where a client would like to have multiple services done at the same appointment. For instance, we could have a tech that could be asked to clear a drain while h...

DebraDay by New Contributor
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Real CRM Company and Contacts

Many of us sell/work as Sub-Contractors to contractors or businesses that have multiple contacts within that customer category. It would be very helpful to have some real CRM capabilities like a Company Name and Multiple Contacts with contact informa...

dnichola by New Contributor
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Existing Customers as a "Campaign"

when a previous customer calls in using one of our campaign numbers. Is there a setting we can use that when a previous customer calls in, that would automatically change the campaign to "previous customer"?

user_4588 by New Contributor
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Resolved! How are you scheduling calls?

We are currently using the arrival window booking system, (IE- "We have you all set up in our system with an arrival time of 9am-11am.") We want to move away from providing a time we will be heading out to the property. Does everyone on here provide ...

anthonyg1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Forms on Estimate Vs Invoice

I have a form required for a specific job on estimates and again on invoices. Does this mean the technician will have to fill that form out twice or will the estimate form populate in the invoice form? We put it on the invoice in case they skip the e...

haleymcg by New Contributor
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Skills Process Gap

If you book a Recall, Lead, or Warranty the system won't pick up if a tech has the skill for the job type being selected. Skills is only useful in the call booking screen.

adeedo_w by New Contributor II
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Text Records on Customer File

Suggestion: Have a section on the customer's page that shows us what types of promotional messages have already sent to the client. Marketing pro allows you to quickly see what types of email notifications a client has been sent. Having this same fun...

ashleyed by New Contributor
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Resolved! CSR Downtime

What are your best practices for what your CSRs do when they are not on the phones? Thanks so much for your thoughts!

bfoster by New Contributor III
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