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Resolved! CSR Downtime

What are your best practices for what your CSRs do when they are not on the phones? Thanks so much for your thoughts!

bfoster by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Call recordings attaching to the wrong accounts

Hi - can ST implement a fix that would prevent call recordings from attaching to the wrong customers account? What happens, is when an inbound call comes in, if the CSR was working on another customers account, the call recording attaches itself to e...

kdaggett by New Contributor II
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Easier Delete option

Is there a way that we can add a delete "trash can" next to the recurring events? to open each one individually to delete after they have been completed or expired is so annoying and time consuming. If there was a simple delete can for each one that ...

danielle14 by New Contributor III
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Wouldn't it be better to have the order reversed on the "Scheduled Appointments" screen from, First Booked Appointment First, and change it to, The Most Recent Appointment First? For us it be way better as we have jobs with MANY APPOINTMENTS NEEDED.

Under "Scheduled Appointments"It seems it would be best if the "Scheduled Appointment" order was reversed.We have an ongoing job which currently has 59 Appointments booked.This job will end with approx. 150 Appointments.It certainly seems it would be...

asvchesa by New Contributor III
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