Dispatch pro Unassigned tech

Has anyone seen dispatch pro unassign a tech after it has been assigned by one of our CSR's and move it back to the unassign tab? This is new usually our CSR will lock the job to the tech, which I am questioning if our CSR did that. Just curious to k...

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add columns to job trays

would love to see a column added to the canceled jobs tab that is for reason for cancelationalso would love a column for the reason a job is on hold can be found in the hold tab in the job tray

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What kind of skills are you utilizing to improve your capacity planning?How many job types are tied to skills and are you able to leverage this for capacity planning? We leave calls unassigned until dispatched and struggle to make ACP work properly.

Custom Fields on Dispatch Board

The custom fields feature is great for call booking, but the answers do not show up on the job for the dispatcher to see from the dispatch screen. How can I get the answers to display here?

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Resolved! New Job Preview on Dispatch Board

Now when you click on a job on the dispatch board a preview pops up on the right. This is a preview of the job with some information. However, in order to see the contacts for the property, timesheets, etc you have to click on "Go to Job Page" which ...