Automatically Apply Rate Sheet to Invoices

I used the new Client Specific Pricing Builder to create a rate sheet for our time & materials billing. It is applied to all customers & locations.However, when I am invoicing, I notice the invoices have No Rate Sheet applied. I have to choose to swi...

IDEA: Apply Discount to Only Materials or Labor

Vote for my idea! COMMUNITY-I-2032It would be great to have the option to apply a discount to only labor, materials, or equipment depending on the situation. We like to offer friends & family a discount on materials, but charge them our usual labor r...

Payment Fail on Invoice - Vote for an Idea

Posted an idea this morning to keep failed payments listed on the invoice until we delete them so the customer can see we did try to take it. Go vote for it if you think it is a good one. Thanks.

dwhite45 by Valued Contributor
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Billing a warranty reserver fund

We are funding our own in-house warranty reserve fund to help offset warranty costs not covered by our manufacturer. Any suggestions on how to bill ourselves through ServiceTitan to cover our labour expenses?I need the repairs to show on the customer...

kristent by New Contributor II
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Invoice Template

Hi, is there any way to add a line or change the invoice template? I need to add a line to the "bill to" section.

verostep1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Past-Due Customers

Looking for ways that other users handle customers with past-due balances. There isn't a way to put customers or locations on "credit hold", which would prevent scheduling jobs until the "hold" was removed by an A/R collector. Is a "Credit Hold" tag ...

chunter1 by New Contributor
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Need to Create a Manual Credit Memo to be applied later

Has anyone figured out a good way to create an available credit on an account other than applying an overpayment? I have a customer who has no balance and i need to put a credit on her account to be applied to a later service. I have tried doing a ne...

plumbing3 by New Contributor
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