Auto Attach

It would be great if the PDFs that are attached to equipment could be sent as an attachment along with the estimate/proposal in the email. A lot of our customers like to have the manufactures brochures to look through when deciding which equipment th...

LisaHVAC by New Contributor
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Bulk printing past due invoices

It would be helpful if there was a way to bulk print all unpaid invoices to be mailed to the customer.I know how to do it at the time I'm creating the invoices and I know how to print statements for the customers, but it would be helpful to be able t...

seemore by New Contributor II
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Creating Job costs for reporting

I am trying to create costs sheet for materials used on jobs. I am only seeing how to put cost to customer but not cost to company. Ultimately, I am wanting to get job cost for every individual job.

Scottg by New Contributor
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Revenue Recognition

This is an idea for interfaces, which falls closest to Accounting. We use QB for our financials and we have struggled to reconcile QB to ST every month in terms of Revenue. Part of the issue is we have jobs that are multi day jobs and ST recognizes t...

alemke by New Contributor II
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Batch Error Report

I am trying to resolve the Batching Error Reports and I am getting a code of 3170 with a description of "There was an error when modifying a Customers list, element "800045A1-1657565816". QuickBooks error message: Cannot merge list elements." There a...

Payment Collections & Refunds HELP!!

Hello All, Before payment collections got turned on, my workflow for refunds and move payments, I had to create two fake Payment Types in ST. If we needed to move a payment, we called it Transfer Payment since the move button broke and never got fixe...

iguerrer by New Contributor
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Purchase Orders - Customer Designation

Hello...In QuickBooks Online for vendor bills: the materials exported from ST to QBO - the purchase orders does not reflect the designated customer account it corresponds to after exporting. Is there any way ST can figure out a way to add the custome...

Multiple profile are in quickbooks

Good afternoon,When invoice are being exported to quick books new sub profiles are being made and I am wanting information on how to merge this customer also how to prevent this for the future ?

laulauga by New Contributor
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