Customer Portal Issues

I love the idea of the customer portal, but we have customers reach out to us weekly saying that the portal has not been working for them. Many customers receive this error message and we never know what to do. Is anyone else having this issue? Any i...


Capacity Planning covers up Team names

When using Capacity planning, there is a flaw in that the schedule covers up the Team name assigned to each section of Technicians when viewing the Dispatch Board. Can you please fix this snaffoo so that we can see the team names in their entirety ev...

hillsowner by ServiceTitan Certified Provider
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Resolved! Adding a manager email to every job automatically

One of our field managers would like to know if it would be possible to add his email to every single job that we book. This way, when he is out in the field, the technician can send the email with the estimates to him so he can see them easier than ...

tlevings by New Contributor
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Resolved! Correcting Cancelled Call Reason

Please review and vote on this,Problem: Our company wants to reduce the cancelled job volume. To do this we need to be able to accurately analyze the cancelled call data. Whenever a call is cancelled it is assigned a reason. If the reason is incorrec...

Abandoned Calls

When on the Dashboard, do you go to Call Metrics or CSR Metrics to find the Abandoned Calls that need to be reclassified? There seems to be some confusion in our office, and I would like to get confirmation. I have been going to CSR Metrics, then Aba...

Karen_Wil by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Reclassifying Calls

When reclassifying calls, we have noticed that some of our classified calls are listed in the Review tab on our dashboard scorecards. Has anybody else noticed this? What is causing this to happen? If we have already classified the call, why does ST d...

Karen_Wil by New Contributor II
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Dialing out of state

Question. Not sure if anyone has this issue. We are based in California, but we have a branch in Utah that we manage from here. We are integrated with Dialpad. As many of you know when you need to call a customer here all you need to do is click to c...

mariav by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Verifying Addresses

Is there a way to limit the area where address are verified to our state? I sometimes get address from two or three different states and it takes time to sort thru them or go back and add the , and the city to get the correct address. Our company is ...

tracy_c by New Contributor II
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Custom Fields

As I have been learning about the custom fields, I've learned how to add custom fields to certain areas, but would love to be able to customize our call booking screen to delete/deactivate the Start Time & Priority, which I've been told are Service T...

RebeccaSantiago by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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