Audit trail_Unapplying credit card payment!

In the audit trail, the unapplied payment shows as 'deleted payment' instead of ' unapplied'. It is very confusing.I wish there is an update to have a proper phrase to be shown on the audit trail not to confuse anyone.

JENNA_YHC by New Contributor
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Phone number appearing on estimate and invoice

Hello,It would be nice to have the customers phone number show on the estimate and on the invoice. It could be located under the job address or bill to address. If you print it, then you have to go back into the system to get the customers phone numb...

Melurban by New Contributor
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Resolved! Mobile Check Capture

It would be so great to be able to use the mobile check capture feature from the office side for checks that get mailed from commercial customers. I would be happy to login to my office account on a mobile device to be able to capture the photos. Thi...

AR Management screen export option

It would be helpful if results on the AR Management screen could be exported to excel. I would also like to see totals for all the columns on the AR Management screen.

ngoggin_ by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Technician Names On Invoices

Has anyone else asked this question? How do we get our technician names on the invoices without having to manually type them into the job summary? Has anyone come up with a workaround? I attempted to create a custom field on an invoice, but the "invo...

jroberds by New Contributor II
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Duplicating an Estimate

We work with numerous apartment complexes who want the exact same estimate for another unit within their complex. It would be much more efficient to duplicate an existing estimate and just edit the service location field. Would love to have this in a...

elissa1g by New Contributor
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