Integrate Technician Route Planning/GPS Software

Would love to see a software integration, or if ServiceTitan would like to build this out in-house, a route planning/GPS feature for technicians. There are a number of benefits to this:1) Efficient routes that could allow for more jobs to be schedule...

Justus by New Contributor II
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Dispatcher Prioritization

Hey Community Dispatchers, Do your dispatchers use the optimize technician route? What is the success you are having? What are ways you use service titan to help you prioritize the emergencies from young tune ups? Does your dispatcher run the reports...

mquigley by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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End the optimization back at office....

Our techs start at the office and end their day at the office. We are noticing that when we do the optimization, it's taking the techs away from the office instead of closer, no matter where their afternoon jobs are. Is there a way that we can set it...

shannon by New Contributor II
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Commercial Routing

Wondering if there is a GPS maps anyone is using that specifically routes based on commercial road restrictions? Google maps does not give the option to route for a commercial vehicle and we have major highways and roads that our commercial vehicles ...

cfalone by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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