Monthly Billing and also using QuickBooks Enterprise

Looking to implement the monthly billing for memberships/Agreements, I have questions on how the work flow goes as far as exporting to Quickbooks and the invoicing. We are a fairly large company, looking for someone who has been utilizing this featur...

cmccloug by New Contributor
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Can we add the online payment link to an estimate?

I know currently we can only add the online payment link to an invoice and a statement. We do majority Home Warranty Service calls and the Home Warranty customers we work with have to pay the full estimate amount first before we start sourcing, or do...

alyssa_d by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Unused Membership Funds

There should be a way to easily convert unused membership funds to a credit on a customers account.

tjacobs by New Contributor
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Remittance Address on Invoice

I've tried to look for this on my own, but am now lost. How can I add a "Remit To" address to my invoices? Currently, my location address for the business appears on my invoices and if someone sends a check, they will use that address. However, I wis...

Late Fees

we've been with ST for almost one year and we'd like to start charging late fees on our customers that have not been paying on time. We have the Payment Terms turned on, and would like to charge each customer that is outstanding for 30days a $3 charg...

mbordine by New Contributor II
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Resolved! General Ledger accounts

Currently everything i export goes into one QBO Sales account but i would like to split this up and see where the income is coming from based on business unit. I was able to test it out with one Pricebook task and mapped it to a new QBO account label...

regraves by New Contributor II
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Every time I process a refund for a customer, I get an email "autobatching failed payments. Does anyone get the same message?

lizzy1 by New Contributor II
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Audit trail_Unapplying credit card payment!

In the audit trail, the unapplied payment shows as 'deleted payment' instead of ' unapplied'. It is very confusing.I wish there is an update to have a proper phrase to be shown on the audit trail not to confuse anyone.

JENNA_YHC by New Contributor
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Changing Bill To Customer After Exporting

Does any one else have issues with customers wanting bill to information changed after an invoice has already been exported. We run into this fairly often where the party that pays for the bill then forwards it to someone else and they want the bill ...

vtapiajp by New Contributor
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