Resolved! Optional ways to organize the dispatch board

The dispatch board currently organizes technicians alphabetically within each service department.Each week, we run a report that ultimately helps us determine our batting order for the week for our technicians per service department. We'd love for th...

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lwhitled by New Contributor
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Labor Management

I would really like for ST to have an option for dispatchers to have a live, auto-updating page showing the technicians current hours for the week. This is very vital to trying to manage labor for techs! We cannot try to keep them to 40 hours if we d...

Weldon02 by New Contributor II
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Chat Issues

We are having issues with some of our chat messages coming in. When they come through as a big message and get split into smaller ones, parts of them don't come through. My boss has them set up to come to his cell phone and mine. and we get all the p...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Display Hold Reasons on Dashboards display of Hold Jobs

I think everyone agrees with the importance of mandating that technicians select the reason for placing a job on hold; however, when we are on the dispatch screen and look under the "Hold" tab, there is no column showing the reason it is on Hold. It ...

rwagner by New Contributor
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Tracking Technician Revenue on a two man job

We have a competition for technicians with the highest gross revenue and another for the ones that complete the most jobs. If we have a job with 2 technicians, how does it choose who to give the revenue too? It's not who is listed first. We have chan...

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Resolved! Office training - coop student

We currently have a grade 12 high school student who is doing a full time coop placement with us. He is enjoying the technician side of it but we were thinking that we should also train him from the office side so he can see all different roles. He i...

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Resolved! Delete deactivated non-job Event codes

It would be really nice if we had the option to delete a deactivated non-job event code. It would also be great if we could use the same

crob by New Contributor
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Special Instructions on Job

I posted an idea of possibly being able to see the "Special Instructions" of the job on the pop out screen instead of having to go to the actual job page. You can click on the link below to vote for this idea.

H_Imbach by New Contributor III
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