How to edit "Remit To" on statement

We recently noticed that when sending statements to customers either by email or printing, the "Please remit to:" at the top right is blank underneath. Where can we add this information? I have looked under email settings, business units but haven't ...

dyan_the by New Contributor II
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Workflows for Batching

Who does your batching? We're thinking about having dispatchers batch since they are ensuring proper billing for the jobs that are completed.

joeviars by New Contributor
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Partial Payments for jobs not ready to complete.

How do you deal with partial payments? Several of our customers pay a deposit and then the rest upon completion of the job. The problem is I can't batch and export the invoice until the job is marked complete. So how do I batch and export the payment...

Rita_C by New Contributor
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Customer Name Hyperlink in Batching

It would be EXTREMELY helpful if Customers were a hyperlink in "Batch/Export Transactions" under the accounting tab. Customer names are already a hyperlink in so many other places throughout the system. Currently the invoice number is a hyperlink, wh...

Resolved! Tax Zone by Default

Is there a way to set a Tax Zone by Default? 95% of our customers are residential and if we can set this Tax Zone by default, it would save time and minimize the errors during batching, posting and exporting invoices and payments.

kswaba1 by New Contributor
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Billing reconciliation - line item order

When we're trying to reconcile Bills against actual vendor sales order bills, it would be so amazingly helpful if we could reorder the line items either through an arrow up/down link or a click and drag. When comparing a bill to a bill from a vendor,...

Resolved! Batch Screen Default Business Unit Settings

I'm struggling to find where to adjust the default business units for the "Batch/Export Transactions" page. Seven months ago, we opened a new location which required me to add 6 more business units. Now, whenever I'm batching invoices, all but the ne...

srootco by New Contributor II
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