Monthly Billing and also using QuickBooks Enterprise

Looking to implement the monthly billing for memberships/Agreements, I have questions on how the work flow goes as far as exporting to Quickbooks and the invoicing. We are a fairly large company, looking for someone who has been utilizing this featur...

cmccloug by New Contributor
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Resolved! Payment Reminders

Is there a way to set up automated text/email reminders for customers who haven't paid their invoice after x amount of days?

TaylorByrd by New Contributor II
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Statement now jumbling up invoice numbers and prices

I just went to process monthly statements today and noticed a column has been added for "Project Invoice #," which has in turn caused invoice numbers and prices to become jumbled up on multiple lines. For example, a $1,658.95 invoice total now reads ...

cecilshv by New Contributor II
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PCI Compliance

Our company failed a PCI compliance test and I am curious if anyone has recommendations of service providers to help with the PCI compliance process and questionnaires? I am a little overwhelmed by the 150 questions about our computer network and hav...

serickso by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Receive payments via ACH

It would be great if a customer went to pay online, that they could pay via an ACH instead of having to pay with a credit card. I pay $1.00 per transaction when I receive money through quickbooks this way. Would be a lot better than paying the 3% cre...

jason_ho by New Contributor II
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Apply payment to multiple customer's invoices

We have a number of cases in which we receive a single payment that applies to several different customer's invoices. For example, a management company may require that billings go to the property, showing the property as the bill to. Once the proper...

michael21 by Contributor III
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Resolved! Converting Negative Balance to Credit

We have a customer that has overpaid on an invoice, but ServiceTitan only shows the negative balance on the customer record as a "Balance". Does anyone know of any way to convert this to a useable credit on the customer profile?