Is there a way to move the dialpro box. It's in the way.

ACarl by New Contributor
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Outbound Calling to numbers not in ST

When we signed up for ST, this made it impossible to make an outbound call from our actual office number without having to have the number in the system under a customer name. Is there a way to place a general call from the office number by just typi...

Mark_Bosch by New Contributor II
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More information on CSR Scorecard

Being able to type and view details for all call classifications that are viewable in the CSR Scorecard would be a great idea. That way any person can get a full view summary of every incoming call and what it was for just by reviewing the CSR scorec...

RichS by New Contributor
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Setting Time Limits on Abandoned Calls

Has anyone discovered a way inside Titan directly and not through phones pro to determine a time set on abandoned calls? We have it set at a threshold that anything under 15 seconds be determined short abandoned in Phones Pro, but they are all still ...

amanda_r1 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Static caller ID

I want to set my caller ID to a static number- the knowledge base article is vague on how to accomplish this. Do I need to involve my CSM or am I missing the setting somewhere?Here's the knowledge base article that isn't helping! https://help.service...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Titan Score using Chat

It seems our Titan Score is going down because of our response time using Chat. Our CSR's Respond immediately. Not even a minute goes by. Could anyone give me some insight on how to increase our score or what is causing our score to go down because o...

Ameredith by New Contributor
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Resolved! Reclassify abandon calls

At the end of the day we have someone go through any abandon calls and reclassify them as to who answered and the reason that customer called. We try to keep out abandon call number as low as possible. But if someone hangs up before it rings in or th...

Suppliers phone numbers Dial option

I'd like to add Suppliers to Service Titan, and have a drop down for the tech to indicate Which Supplier they are going to order parts from, AND a drop down to Call that supplier, so the call can be recorded. Along the same lines, I'd like to have ca...

mbrech by New Contributor II
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