Is this for real? Receiving Payments

We have to ultimately “touch” the payment (3) times! Is this for real?1- Receiving the payment in ST2- Depositing the payment under “ bank deposits” in ST (so the reports come out correctly showing what is really unpaid 30, 60, 90days – without this ...

Credit Card Fees

For anyone charging a credit card fee, I have a couple questions. 1. Is the fee taxed? (same tax rules that apply to the invoice)2. Is the credit card fee also added to the estimate? Part of our reconciling process is to ensure the estimate and invoi...

cfalone by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Invoice Types?

We have a couple of different invoice types, but I am wondering why. What are the best practices and why? The only thing I could find was the ability to run an AR report based on invoice type. Is there a way to create an Invoice type default?

sjaeger by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! New error when exporting invoices to QBO.

The error reads, Couldn't export the business unit "name", the error: Export finished with errors. See pending export report in ServiceTitan for more details.We have not changed any settings in ST or QBO but we started having this error a few days ag...

Jim_Owens by New Contributor II
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Purchase Order possible improvement

Hi - I think it would be super helpful if when a technician created a purchase order from their mobile app, they had the option to filter out equipment. It would make the list of items that pop up much more condensed and more efficient to work with.

kdelfera by New Contributor
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Resolved! Business Units

Hello,Wondering what people do when an invoice is exported with the wrong Business Unit on it? ST has offered a very time consuming work around for this issue. For a software that prides itself for reporting, I find this issue creates inaccurate repo...

Cawigirl by New Contributor III
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The "Save & Batch" button!!!

Is anyone else super excited that the "Save & Batch" button is back on the 'Edit Payment' page??!!I'm so Happy! Finally, Thank you!!

LA_Barker by New Contributor III
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Communicating with customers time saving idea

In order to be able to see which phone number was contacted, you have to first go to calls, then you have to click the call. It would be a timesaver if another column was added to the details & showed the #.

ST screenshot 1 .jpg ST screenshot 2.jpg
cheryla by New Contributor
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Invoice email according to Payment terms

Hey everyone, I am new to Service Titan, and there is so much to learn I thought I would ask here before looking too far. Is there a way to have an Email Template for each Payment type, or is it only 1 generic email template for all invoices. Thank y...

Auto-batching & $0

How does ST manage auto-batching 0$ invoices? Will I just get an error message? Will they be put into their own batch?

charringtonPSB by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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