Auto batching Timing

Is there a way that the Auto Batching can be timed so that it coincides with the settlement reports for STPayments and Translink? Currently it does not and for creating deposits in Intacct using Home Services and the Batch exports, they do no match u...

jeaninec by New Contributor
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Resolved! QBO connecting invoice & payment

We have a common service we provide that costs $299. If we are exporting all of those payments & invoices to QBO, how does the system know which ones apply accordingly? Am I doing something wrong?In my mind, there would be some level of unique identi...

charringtonPSB by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Invoice Adjustment and Commission

We had a $0 invoice at the time that a job was completed, and the invoice was exported. The customer called back later to pay for the services, so I created an adjustment invoice for this. This isn't a usual issue we have, but the customer was statin...

Cholloway by New Contributor
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Missouri Tax Jurisdiction

Hey Everyone, We are based out of Missouri, and I had some questions about the tax jurisdiction box for our Missouri customers. When I go to Find Sales and Use Tax Rates on the MDOR website, it gives the city code and the county code but there is no ...

AR report

Customer credits are not listed in the AR report in ST, but they are in QB, which makes reconciling a pain. Is there a way to add credits onto the AR report?

bob1549 by New Contributor
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Auto Batching Has NOT been working for days....

Our Auto Batching hasn't been working for around a week... Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? I think it might possibly be due to the update, maybe a bug. We have been on with support and it is still occuring. So I am just wondering if any...

MadisonChicken by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Ways to view accountingSystemIds

Is there any way for us to see what customers do not have an accountingSystemID? We export our information to a different accounting program to handle transactions but to do this we need to ensure that every customer has an accountingSystemID that is...

mleahy by New Contributor III
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Paid invoices only show the name of the card used (Visa, Mastercard, etc) under payment type but nothing indicates WHICH card on file the customer used. You NEED to include the last four digits of the card or I have no way of knowing which card a cus...

jackieth by New Contributor
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Hello!Ok so we have been trying for nearly a month to get service titan to connect to Quickbooks. I have called customer service as well as the onboarding specialist and we cannot seem to get it going. I have reports due and sales tax reports that I ...