Payables Module and Sage Intacct

How does the payables module flow from ServiceTitan to our Sage Intacct accounting software? We are trying to determine if we want to turn on the Payables. I know that we can pay through ST, but how does that payment flow from ST to Intacct?

JJPOND by New Contributor II
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Statement Organization and Discount Issue

Once a statement is reconciled, the dates entered disappear, so I cannot organize by date. This makes it extremely tedious to go through and enter the cash discount we get if we pay early--I end up sorting by price and skipping around for every singl...

mdeaver8 by New Contributor
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Auto-assigning Invoices for Review by Business Unit

Customer Support told me that this wasn't a feature but it sure would be a nice one to have!We would love to have the ability to auto assign invoices to certain people by Business Unit. So that X person automatically receives all the Residential Serv...

Monthly Statements

The monthly customer statements include invoices that have not been finalized and exported yet - these are pending invoices that have work to be completed in the future. Needless to say this is not what the customers want, or should be seeing. We wou...

dgagne by New Contributor
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Resolved! AR

New to ST as an owner. I'm looking to clean up AR with regards to old unpaid and non-collectable balances. WHat is best practice so these do not show up on future reports.

BoConner by New Contributor
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Hyperlinks for AHRI ratings

I need the ability to add hyperlinks in my estimate template summary so that our customers can be redirected to the AHRI directory where their equipment specific information can be found and used for performance verification or tax credits

Bmwomack by New Contributor
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Quickbooks 2023 Desktop shutting down during export

Hi all.We recently upgraded to Quickbooks 2023 Desktop and we access through Right Networks. When we are exporting, Quickbooks repeatably shuts down and displays an unrecoverable error. Has anyone else had this issue? I have been in touch with Quickb...

kmorgan by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Exporting Payables to QBO

I'm able to export my BILLS to QBO, but my VENDOR CREDITS (even though I get the "batch was successfully exported" message) don't seem to be appearing. Am I missing something? Am I looking in the wrong place in QBO? I have tons of experience with QBD...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! unselling estimate from exported invoice

Hello. I need to unsell an estimate but the invoice has already been exported. Am I correct in assuming I need to add an adjustment invoice? Do the qty and price need to both be negative?Our accountant is on maternity leave so I am trying to figure t...

rebecca_20 by New Contributor II
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