Moving to a Brand New QB Desktop File - Any Advice?

We've spent months troubleshooting various issues in our QB Desktop file & their support has finally told us we have to create a new company file. Has anyone else been through this process and have any advice? It's definitely daunting.I am thinking t...

Paid Invoices need a PAID STAMP.

On an almost daily basis we get Emails from customers thinking we did not apply their payment. Despite the payment showing on the invoice, they still overlook it. Our old system had a huge red PAID STAMP. This prevented any confusion and made it clea...

Sample invoice paid stamp.jpg

Resolved! Best Report for Texas Sales Tax

In Texas, we pay sales tax on a cash basis - meaning we only pay sales tax when it is collected, not when it is billed.We usually use Quickbooks for all our sales tax reporting, but have been having terrible issues with our file. In the interim, we a...

Invoice Editing Permissions once invoice is Batched.

Is there a way to turn off/revoke individual employee's permissions to not be able to edit an invoice once it's been batched? We've had a few issues lately where invoices have been checked and batched, but not yet exported, and an employee will not n...

ashleyle1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Payment link missing on statement email

The payment link has stopped showing up on statements for imported customers. It's just a blank spot in the email. Since we are still in our first year with ST, 95% of the customers are imported so the statement functionality is broken for us. This h...

ErikaF by New Contributor II
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Invoice Template by Business unit

Hello!ST only has one email invoice template for all business units. We would like to be able to change the invoice template by business unit. We need to word some of the emails differently based on the business unit. Any ideas? Thanks!

janet_da by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Web Connect: How are you exporting invoices to QB

We are a plumbing/HVAC company fairly new to ST. We perform work for contractors as well as homeowners. Our contractors and some customers have multiple job locations. I'm wondering, How do other companies have ST Web Connect set up to export invoice...

CMSDave by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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We received an overpayment from a customer. In the past we could just add the full amount of the payment received leaving a negative balance on the account, then issue a refund-credit card in a negative amount and were done. The refund was processed ...

lrutherf by New Contributor
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This is confusing and cumbersome and has increased our workflow times 4. Even the webinar is hard to follow. Why are we fixing things that aren't broken? I used to could add a refund without an adjustment invoice and could see that refund on that inv...

bwaugh by New Contributor
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New Refund Process

The new refund process is cumbersome and unnecessary. Before you could simply enter a negative refund payment and the process is complete. Now you have to go through multiple steps of creating adjustment invoices and and adding tasks and then deletin...

tra9109 by New Contributor
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