Resolved! When are you going to get Route Optimization???!!

If you want to bring on and keep other types of services, we really need route optimization. You have some great options for customer interaction, but this has a very practical use for internal efficiencies. Please make this a priority!!!

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Unassigned or Booked Calls

So if anyone has ever used Successware the unassigned or "booked" calls are at the top of the screen, as opposed to the bottom. This to me would be a great adjustment so that the unassigned calls are always at the forefront of the dispatchers mind, a...

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GPS Failure Ping Notification

I was wondering if we can get Failure pop ups on the notification sidebar, while on the dispatch screen when a Technician doesn't update his/her position within an hour or whatever time interval is selected. The main reason i would like this implemen...

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