Exporting Display

HI Everyone! Does anyone know if there is a setting to turn on a feature to display on the dispatch screen the invoice status? So, if we hoover over a job, it will show us pending or exported? Otherwise, we have to click on each job/call slip and go ...

bryanna_ by New Contributor II
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Resolved! I accidently canceled an appointment

can someone tell me how I find an appointment that was possibly canceled by accident please?? I dont know if Tech support is open today and I want to get this fixed before Monday

APHJulieL by New Contributor
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Oh hold job question

Good morning, Is there any way to add a tag or flag a call with a different color when we put a call on hold? Cause I know I get busy and need to go back to jobs to order parts. If it was flagged some how that would be wonderful.

Resolved! Invoice Click on Job Details Flyout!

I love the new job details flyout, however there is no way to click into an invoice from the flyout, there is still multiple clicks to be done. Once I click the job, and get the flyout, I then have to click back out of the flyout, and right click the...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Dispatch Board Appearance and Notifications

There are a couple of things that would be great. The ability to change color or have a more distinct difference in color. Some of our Team have a hard time distinguishing between the light grey of non working hours vs the technician being off. This ...

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shawncT_G by New Contributor II
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Resolved! New Dispatch Flyout - Still Being Rolled Out?

Our account was updated with the new ST-62 releases features last night! However, I'm not seeing the new job details flyout on dispatch. Is that still being rolled out on a different schedule?

Resolved! Job Details Flyout-new tab issue

Due to the new job flyout implementation there is no way to get to the job page without the system opening a new tab. This is so frustrating!!! As this is the only place to access the customers phone number from the dispatch board when making multipl...

Maria by New Contributor
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Resolved! Dispatch Board Live Tracking

Can the calls/box on the dispatch board auto adjust to when the technicians Dispatch themselves and when they complete the call. So the dispatch board is clean and shows a more real time disapply. The idea is that the calls would adjust and will show...

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GCAS-SP by New Contributor
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